Sensory Polo Shirts With Poppers

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School Sensory Polo Shirts for those not yet Able to use toilet facilities.

Flat Seams on inside

When we began asking for feedback on what parents would like to see in a sensory school product, the itchy seams present within traditional polo shirts and casual-wear were a recurring mention. Our tried and tested flattened-seams helps reduce the distraction of itchiness and sensory discomfort throughout the school day.

Easy ‘Slip-on’ Design

Getting dressed for school or changed after sports has never been easier! Despite looking exactly like a traditional school polo, out polo shirts have poppers at the crotch to allow the shirt to stay tucked in and help keep a nappy in place for those who are not yet able to use the toilet facilities. 

Softer Fabric

Stiff and uncomfortable fabric can be a major source of sensory discomfort, our softer fabric is gentle on your child’s skin whilst also providing the assurance of durability for all those hours on the playground.

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