About Us

At Adaptive UK it’s our mission to combine function with fashion. We want to help parents and carers to dress children who have physical limitations with more ease, less pain and discomfort. While also ensuring children can still wear vibrant and contemporary clothing. Our adaptive and sensory clothing range, does just that.

All of our clothing has been designed to be indistinguishable from traditional attire and school uniform and comes with no itchy and annoying seams or washing labels, as well as a soft and gentle fabric. We understand the stress of dressing a child with traditional un-adapted clothing and also the stress that getting dressed can have on children with Autism or sensory issues, that’s why all of our range has been designed not only to provide comfort and easier dressing but also to promote a level of independence in getting dressed. From t-shirts, jogging bottoms, vests and sleepwear, to an inclusive range of school uniform and our fun and vibrant swimwear range, we have designed everything with you and your child in mind.

Speaking to parent, carers and specialists is how our range is produced. This has been absolutely vital in helping me approach the design process. One recurring issue experienced by many within my network has been the difficulty in finding adaptive and sensory clothing. Particularly for those occasions where that favourite jumper might not be appropriate, such as going to school, a special occasions and swimming.

If there is a particular idea that you think would make the world better for you and your child, please get in touch....
We believe in giving back and that is why a percentage of every purchase will be donated to the wonderful charity Just4Children  ( Registered Charity Number - 1164473 )

Just4Children is passionate about the relief of sickness and preservation of health of children in the UK and Ireland by providing and assisting in the provision of grants to enable them to obtain medical treatment, therapies, living environments, equipment and holidays which would not otherwise be available to them.

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