School Uniform

Surviving school is an everyday challenge for so many children. Our specialty school uniform is designed to make every day more comfortable. With flat seams, no tags, soft fabric - our uniform makes everyday a little easier to face.

Sensory School Shirt


Sensory School Trousers


Sensory Jogger bottoms

$13.00 $52.00

Sensory T-shirt

$12.00 $24.00

Sensory Polo Shirts With Poppers

$12.00 $21.00

Silicone no tie shoes laces

$7.00 $11.00

Billy Footwear (Kids) - Sport Inclusion One Trainers


Billy Footwear (Kids) - Low Top Black Canvas Shoes


Billy Footwear (Toddlers) - Black Low Top Leather


Billy Footwear (Kids) - Black Low Top Leather Shoes


SmartKnitKIDS seamless socks

$8.00 $11.00