Billy Footwear

At Adaptive Clothing UK, we are thrilled to introduce our exclusive collection of Billy Footwear, a fusion of fashion-forward style and exceptional accessibility. Our collection is thoughtfully curated to provide you with an array of trendy and practical footwear options designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals of all abilities.

Accessibility lies at the heart of the Billy Footwear collection. Their range of shoes for special needs children feature fliptop technology, which makes them quick and easy to take off making them ideal for kids with special needs or mobility problems. Billy Footwear incorporates zippers that go along the side of the shoes and around the toe, allowing the upper of each shoe to open and fold over completely, where the wearer can place his or her foot onto the shoe foot bed unobstructed. Billy footwear specialist shoes are available in high-top, low-top and Ugg shoe styles, making these special needs shoes ultra-stylish.

Available in high top and low top shoes, boots, trainers and Uggs from Toddlers UK size 6 to Big Kids UK6.